At Burgh Castle

Sowena is besieged by the Catuvellauni army at what is now called Burgh Castle on the Norfolk coast. Will she be able to escape and head across the sea to Saxonia?

I had a day looking round Burgh Castle this week. It’s a “Saxon Shore Fort” and one of the most spectacular Roman sites in England. There’s some pretty serious wall to explore there… and the chance to be in the Norfolk Broads as well.


Southward published

The first draft of Southward is now available. Click here to read it.

Southward, the second part of The Compass Quartet, recounts how the infant Arthur takes his first steps in his new world.

The next book will be called Easterners – and 20,000 words have been written already.

The final book in the quartet will be called Westring and will tell the tale of how Ygrainne comes looking for her son.

More writing 2

I’m now into day three out of three set aside for further work on Easterners, book three of the Compass Quartet. I’m in a Premier Inn deep in Cornwall.

There are 20,000 words so far(!) and the action has shifted to Burgh Castle on the Norfolk coast. Sowena is besieged…


Book Two – Southward – is now written and in proofreading stage.

Sowena makes her new home with Sir Ector in the territory of the Corieltauvi tribe. Arthur is settled and safe. Marcan becomes one of Ector’s “men.” All seems at peace.

But events are stirring beyond the tribe lands. Strangers from the east are sailing to Britannia and ancient grudges between the tribes are re-awakened.

Can Sowena keep her new family from danger?


Check out to see when you can read Southward for yourself.


As you know, it has been a long time since I posted on here. I am actually 10,000 words into Book Three. Yes, Easterners is shaping up to become Sowena’s most exciting adventure yet. More details later…